Wacky Programming Tales (Was Re: Why use Perl when we've got Python?!)

Per Kistler kistler at fnmail.com
Wed Aug 18 05:19:28 EDT 1999

Such things are still harmless compared to the macros of the
C++ compilier of HP-UX. They put a variation of the standard template
library into macros (,in certain include files).
They argue, it's not ansi c++, which does not help me that much,
and neither reduces the price of the compiler. (To say something
nice about HP, the 8cpu machine runs quite nicely:-).

And a small positive statement about Perl and Python: Both are
not Tcl:-) (, and no one from comp.lang.tcl can read this:-)
And I like both, Perl and Python. Perl and Tcl brought me some
money already and Python will sure do so in the future as well. 
If one collects the advantages of all three scripting languages, 
one can do nearly everything.


"T. C. Mits" wrote:
> ...
> you don't use a good lint, because the boss won't buy one), #define EQ ==,
> is not a sin.   Well, yes it is, but its not, but.....

> >   #define AND &&
> >   #define OR  ||

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