NEWBIE:Let's try that again..Help w/path

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Mon Aug 23 16:14:04 CEST 1999

Not knowing your experience, are you familiar with the DOS autoexec.bat
if so this should work for you.  If not you should be able to find
autoexec.bat in the c:\ directory, it is an ascii or ansi text file
depending if it has been edited before or not.

This is what was put in my autoexec.bat file when installing python and
python works on my PC.

set PYROOT=c:\py15
set TCL_LIBRARY=%PYROOT%\tcl8.0\library
set TK_LIBRARY=%PYROOT%\tk8.0\library

You will need to change PYROOT to 
set PYROOT=c:\progra~1\python
if that is where you installed python

and if you installed tcl8.0 and tk8.0 to a different directory than the
default also, you will need to change the path for those.  I think this
should work for your case.  My installation is Python build 125


chinaski_py at wrote:
> I'm new and need help with my Python path.When I go to open a Python
> file (.py) it won't open .I go to (on Win98):
> start
> run
> sysedit
> and here is my path:
> path %path%;C:\Perl\bin;path=C:\PROGRA~1\Python\;%path%
>                 Any help on this would be appreciated,
>                                 G.Norton (chinaski_py)
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