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Thu Aug 19 14:47:07 EDT 1999

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    drew_csillag at writes:
:> Thanks for nothing: there are no manpages. 
:Manpages don't work very well if you're stuck on a Windows box :(.  If
:only the world were Unix... <sigh>

So what?  man is a trivial program to write, if all you have
to do is display preformatted text info.  

:There are the python manuals which are excellent, available at:
: (linked to from the homepage)
:available in your choice of HTML, PostSript, PDF, Info, LaTeX and
:windows help.

None of those is text.  I can't use not only man(1), apropos(1),
or whatis(1), I also can't use text-processing tools like grep(1) or
directory processing ones like find(1).  

:Not to mention that they're searchable via:

I wasn't on the Internet when I learnt python.  Please don't shoot me.

:But for the most part, I usually don't need the search portal since the
:indexes are really good.  But if you want a greppable form, there's Info
:(although I don't like info in general, but info (both standalone and
:emacs versions) does have the document search key 's'), HTML, and the
:LaTeX versions grep quite well.

You think HTML greps sell?  I don't think so.  Now, you can argue
that troff doesn't grep well either, and you'd be right.  But
I grep the catpages or podpages.

:No, actually, just trying to help you out, so chill out alright?  

Fine.  I just hate being told to read the fucking manual when there
ISN'T one.  I despite Linux and GNU and the FSF and all that crap
because of this.

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