Why use Perl when we've got Python?!

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> John, please refrain from cross-posting all your messages to
> comp.lang.python. If there is anything worse than getting a long and
> pointless flame war, it is getting half a flame war. By cross posting
> you are clearly trying to drag the readers of c.l.py into the
> argument, which is pure trolling.  If you continue you will merely
> succeed in pissing off two newsgroups instead of one.

In geek religion wars, there are two types of people. One of them are the
nincompoops, who try to do everything in their power to advocate their
superiority. The other is the super-nincompoops, who, instead of sitting
their asses on high clouds, have to dive in to make an announcement that the
nincompoops' behaviors are inappropriate.

I have a message for the super-nincompoops class: "shut ya pie hole".

> The 'my language is better than yours' debates are always pointless
> and counterproductive, and perl vs. python has been done countless
> times before. Life is too short, live and let live [insert other
> cliches to taste].

Perhaps YOUR life is too short, not mine! I have thoroughly enjoyed the
intricate discussions, and Perl is the language that will save the universe
from collapsing.

> Incidentally you are wrong about perl arrays and python lists being
> different data structures - internally they are both implemented as C
> arrays, only the names are different.

Incidentally really? Gather your brain cells and let's see if you can pull
off some real content. You might magically get out of my killfile.

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