A Plea For A Return To Sanity!!!

Martijn Faassen m.faassen at vet.uu.nl
Sat Aug 28 13:58:41 EDT 1999

Bit Nik <bitwise at io.com> wrote:

> I just recently joined this newsgroup/mailinglist and I missed out a lot
> on the previous flame war (lucky me!). And I certainly don't want to
> stroke the coals and recreate the flame, but i'm very curious /how/ is
> Python lacking in documentation? This seems to be the major argument
> against it right?

Oh, that was just a silly flamewar over Python having no man pages of the
library reference. I think all parties involved agreed in the end that it
got a bit out of hand.

> Also, who are these Python biggots people are always
> talking about??

> Another quick question, are there such things as PUGs? (Python User
> Groups). I couldn't find any information on python.org...

I believe you have various concepts confused. First of all, I must note
here that Dutch is the Secret Natural Language of Python. Don't ask me
why, it's just a cosmic conspiracy that all Pythoneers just happen to speak

Then, I must add that 'big' in Dutch means 'young pig' in English. 
Also I must point out that PUGs are not called PUG but PIG, for 
'Python Interest Group'. There's an underlying pattern emerging here, as you
can see. According to the Python Homepage there are DCPIGgies and PORPIGies
in Washington DC and Portland respectively. For Genuine Python biggots 
therefore, go to those piggies. :)

It's-actually-spelled-bigots-ly yours,


P.S. Seriously, I'm just being silly. Welcome to the Python community!

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