More random python observations from a perl programmer

Tom Christiansen tchrist at
Thu Aug 19 18:34:12 CEST 1999

>> How is that a singleton tuple? 
>It's not.  For format strings, if the item (here 4.5/100) is a single
>thing, the items need not be a tuple. i.e.

That's painfully inconsistent.

>>     print "You have $%0.2f bucks" % (4.5/100,)
>> illegal, 
>No, it's perfectly fine.  Didn't try it, I guess.

No, I thought I had.

>>     print "You have $%0.2f bucks" % ((4.5/100,) * 2)
>This, on the other hand is wrong since ((4.5/100,) * 2) yields (0.045,
>0.045) and you only have one formatting bit in the string (only 1


>> mandatory?  Was this (elt,) thing just an, er, unforeseen design
>> misfeature? Yes, I tripped me up again. :-(
>Try reading the docs...

Thanks for nothing: there are no manpages.  I read the Lutz book.
You'll note that I even MENTIONED this issue in a gotcha.
It's just easy to get tripped up by the inconsistency.

You seem to be looking for a fight.   Please say nothing
at all if that's all you want to do.


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