RFC: Viper: yet another python implementation

Graham Matthews graham at sloth.math.uga.edu
Mon Aug 16 10:09:49 EDT 1999

graham at sloth.math.uga.edu (Graham Matthews) writes:
: > : 	s = ""
: > : 	for  i in range(1,10): s = s + str(i)
: > : 
: > : Obviously i is an integer here, and s a string.
: > 
: > Is it? Surely that depends on what "range" and "+" are bound to at
: > runtime.
Martin von Loewis (loewis at informatik.hu-berlin.de) wrote:
: He said that in Viper, range is a keyword. How could you bind "+" to
: something else in the example?

You might have bound it in some code previous to this. If you are
planning to compile this code then you have to compile it so that it
will run in all contexts.

What I would like to know here is what is the type of range(1,10)?


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