making python man pages looks hard

Magnus L. Hetland mlh at
Fri Aug 20 22:17:33 CEST 1999

connolly at (Dan Connolly) writes:

> The source format is LaTeX. Converting from LaTeX is hard/messy:

Well - the docs aren't in standard LaTeX, are they? According to

  "With almost no basic TeX or LaTeX markup in use, [...] the markup
  syntax is about the only evidence of LaTeX in the actual document

Since the format seems to be clearly and simply defined, it shouldn't
be *that* difficult... Anyway - a transition to XML seems to be on its
way, which will make all this trivial. (Actually, it wouldn't be that
hard to go from the HTML versions either, I guess, with a little
imagination. My point is - there is no reason to be spooked by the
complexity of LaTeX here...)


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