Why use Python when we've got Python?

Xah xah at best.com
Sun Aug 22 00:00:54 EDT 1999

>From: Tom Christiansen <tchrist at mox.perl.com>
>Newsgroups: comp.lang.perl.misc,comp.lang.python
>Subject: Re: Why use Python when we've got Perl?
>Date: 1999, Aug 14, , 7:31 AM

> Certainly Perl's hooks into Unix are stronger than are its hooks for
> proprietary systems from Microsoft, Apple, or the erstwhile DEC, which
> even if existent, tend to manifest themselves as add-on modules rather
> than as original core functionality.  This of course makes perfect
> historical sense, given the natal environment and concomitant problem
> domain.
> Nevertheless, "Perl: The Programmer's Companion" by Nigel Chapman
> (whose ambiguously worded title actually posits Perl as a companion
> of programmers) does a commendable job of providing a solid technical
> foundation for the language with nary a whit of system-specific arcana.
> This small and inexpensive volume (in which I aver no personal interest)
> stands head and shoulders above all others as the best introductory Perl
> book, especially for real programmers such as yourself.  Script kiddies,
> tape operators, and all such ilk occasionally merit other recommendations,
> some of which occasionally include rather than a book title something
> on the order of, "Hey kid, hurry up with those french fries!" :-)
> --tom

You realize that book does the Perl community a de-service? It doesn't talk
about unix, the author uses MacPerl, it's written with clarity, real humor,
and exceptionally well organized. The worst is that it's written by an
computer scientist. <shudder>

No, I rather prefer YOUR opuses. Besides, yours are so popular and
voluminous that I can take it with me when I visit john and use it to wipe
my ass with spare.

I'm thinking of writing a comprehensive, free, quality Perl on-line manual
for the GNU project. Would you help out? Y'know, without your interjection,
I'll probably end up writing something like that Chapman fellow's.

 xah at best.com
 "Perl my ass -- there are more than one way to express love too."
      --Larry Wall, from antimatter universe.

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