RPM for Python 1.5.2 ?

Chad Netzer chad at vision.arc.nasa.gov
Mon Aug 9 00:53:23 EDT 1999

David Young wrote:

> Has anyone built an RPM for Python 1.5.2 ?

Someone else pointed you to Oliver's RPMs, for RH 5.2.  Oliver started a list
to discuss packaging issues,
and he (and I and others) are working on getting a version of 1.5.2 that
works on RH 6.0, Mandrake 6, and

To see the list archives, go to:
http://starship.python.net/mailman/listinfo/python4linux .  I hope to get
some time this week to fix Redhat's pythonlib package so that it works
properly with 1.5.2.  For an example
of why it DOESN'T work now, check out this line from listbox.py in the
/usr/lib/rhs/python directory:

    def __init__(self, Master = None, fieldList):

Other examples of using non-default arguments after defaults exist, and
should be easy to fix.  I don't
understand how the redhat 1.5.1 python package doesn't break (I don't have it
installed, and I haven't
had a chance to check into it...)


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