Problem when using FileDialog from PMW Dialog. Quick fixes?

Chad Netzer chad at
Thu Aug 12 17:43:34 CEST 1999

"Robert J. Roy" wrote:

> If this code snippet is accurate

It isn't, in my haste to make an example I accidentally reused the dialog
variable instead of making a separate one for the nested dialog.  I noticed
it a while after I posted, when I was creating a related demo for Greg
McFarlane.  However, due to chance, it doesn't affect the demonstration,
because the binding and callbacks have been registered by the time dialog
gets remapped.  At least on my system (Linux), the same result occurs
with either my original code, or your revised code (ie. the Pmw.Dialog
window does not respond to button selections anymore)  I did some
more tests, and found this behavior to be somewhat common.  (Greg
pointed me to PmwFileDialog in the Pmw contribs, and I was able to
get similar behavior by triggering modal dialogs to popup during its

> You might want to look at using tkFileDialog instead. It brings up the
> standard file dialogs, presenting a more familiar interface to Windows
> users.

Ah yes, I have used it in the past, and when I went looking for it, I forgot
that it isn't in the Tkinter module.  Having the native look would be
useful...  Let me test it out [5-10 min later]  Yes, it works fine nesting
with a Pmw widget.  I'd forgotten how ugly that requestor looks on Unix,
though.  :)  Cheers, I'll keep it in as an option for now.

Thanks for the help.

chad at

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