C's isprint() concept?

Chad Netzer chad at vision.arc.nasa.gov
Mon Aug 16 19:44:37 EDT 1999

Aahz Maruch wrote:

> Ah.  Interesting.  I'm using re.sub because we're still on 1.5.1, but
> we're supposed to move to 1.5.2 Real Soon Now.

Just out of curiosity, what is the biggest source of the delay from
switching to 1.5.2?  Is it a matter of "if it ain't broke...", or do the
changes warrant enough work (rewriting code, updatin libraries,
etc.) that it is a big job?  I'm writing apps, and currently rely on
some 1.5.2 behaviors, so I'm curious as to how difficult it may be
for customers to upgrade if need be.

Chad Netzer
chad at vision.arc.nasa.gov

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