Why use Python when we've got Perl?

Phil Hunt philh at vision25.demon.co.uk
Thu Aug 26 16:30:30 EDT 1999

In article <37c563bc.26497369 at news.hydro.co.uk>
           gary at onegoodidea.com "Gary O'Keefe" writes:
> A keyboard was whacked upside David Oppenheimer's head and out came:
> >I don't quite understand the relevance of this entire Perl advocacy string
> >here.  If Xah thinks that getting mean responses to postings (especially
> >postings from newbies) is so very cool, then why waste time over here doing
> >postings to the Python newsgroup.  I must say that in most newsgroups I have
> >found people friendly and helpful.  If I were to post to a newsgroup and get
> >flamed for not knowing anything or given obviously incorrect information just
> >to piss me off, I'd never go back.  It would not generate feelings of
> >advocacy for me.  Who the hell wants to have some intellectual elitist
> >assholes tell you you're ignorant just for asking a question?!
> Python is a language that you hear about after conversing with
> knowledgeable people, a language recommended by experts to the keen
> computer scientist -- I've always thought of Python, perhaps unfairly,
> as being the language for those people interested in language design
> as an end in itself. But, one way or another, this makes for edifying
> conversation between educated people.
> Perl on the other hand is the first language anyone even vaguely
> interested in putting together an interactive web-server hears about.
> That means EVERY DUMBASS IN THE UNIVERSE who wants to put their cock
> on the internet and have you virtually stroke it but, importantly,
> can't be bothered to actually learn all this computer bullshit posts
> to comp.lang.perl.misc.
> If your newsgroup (that you'd just paid to download) was filled with
> posts like this:
> > Subject: [newbee] I am too damn lazy - can't you do this for me?
> >
> > hay gurus
> >
> > Im starting up an intractive cock-stroking website
> > (http://www.cockstroke.com/). Its going 2 B KEWL!!!
> >
> >
> > Can you supr-clever gurus write me something??!! It woudnt take
> > you any time and ITD B GRATE!!!
> >
> > THX
> > 
> > Newbee
> then your patience would vapourise, just like ours.

Hey, I thought all Perl users were like that :-)

> Gary
> The newbee post above and any mentioned websites are purely fictional.
> Any similarity to a real newbee, (living or dead) or website are
> purely co-incidental.
> p.s. I've got a great idea: let's teach those smug python bastards a
> lesson by re-directing all the newbees to comp.lang.python. Tell them
> it's the latest, greatest, thing for developing their CGI scripts.

I can see it now: Python, the language for a firmer, harder, hotter,
cock-stroking experience!!!

Phil Hunt....philh at vision25.demon.co.uk

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