A Plea For A Return To Sanity!!!

Mark Nottingham mnot at mnot.net
Sat Aug 28 08:53:22 EDT 1999

> python-folk-are-the-best-buddies-psu-dues-can-buy-ly y'rs  - tim

I don't know why, but I'm suddenly consumed with the desire to pay my PSA
dues... Hmmm...

Seriously, I've had a printed-out PSA application sitting under a pile of
paper on my desk for the better part of a year. Why? Well, have you ever
tried to post a check (or as they say here, cheque) from Australia to
Reston, VA? It's a pain, unreliable, and financially challenging.

Has anyone over there looked into one of the online payment services like
Kagi, etc? It would make things a lot easier, and you might get a few more
members. Like me. They take a few percent, but it's pretty reasonable.

Just a thought...


Mark Nottingham  Melbourne, Australia

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