Why do we call python a scripting language?

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>You have something there. Maybe another way would be to showcase the 'real' 
>applications and their strengths, preferably in ways people can relate and 
>compare to similar 'traditional' apps. Unfortunately it seems (to me) that 
The "Regular Expressions" column <URL:http://
(incidental remark:  I'll probably do up a more
interesting index sometime in September) makes
a point of featuring an example of "scripting
in the real world" in the first installment
each month.  Suggestions are welcome, of course.
>such desktop, user-oriented apps in Python are still scarce ; much of the 
>industrial-strength (like BSCW or Zope) happens on the backend and is Web-
>oriented. Impressive for the initiate, but abstract and hard to marvel over 
>for the profane. The one app that 'did it' for me, curiously, is PySol. 
"Regular Expressions" has been emphasizing
everything *except* the desktop, although Sep-
tember will be an exception.  It's interesting
to learn what (like PySol) makes an impression
on people.

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