take the 20 second lang. survey

David C. Hoos, Sr. david.c.hoos.sr at ada95.com
Fri Aug 13 21:39:47 EDT 1999

Luke Loeffler <floods at netplus.net> wrote in message
news:37B4B3F0.77E6C59A at netplus.net...
> Take the 20-second language survey.  No personal information must be
> entered.  This is only a survey steming from my personal interest--it is
> not affiliated with any organization.
> http://www.recordingwebsite.com/language.html

I didn't answer the survey, because when it came to the questions
about OOL, the first internationally standardized OOL (i.e., Ada)
was not the choices offered.

With bias like that it's no wonder surveys seldom reflect the truth.

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