Python to Perl Conversions

Tom Christiansen tchrist at
Thu Aug 19 15:43:39 EDT 1999

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In comp.lang.python, 
    Robin Becker <robin at> writes:
:It's a good thing I'm in the killfile as otherwise my response would be
:raising the blood pressure of this arrogant person. Perl with any amount
:of documentation sucks when compared to python. It's not so much the bad
:language structure/syntax but the lack of sensible advice. Also (it's a
:number thing) there are good reasons for maths/engineering types like
:myself to prefer python. 

I never killfiled you.  Why are you trying to start a flame war?  And why
did you respond with a stupid Jeopardy style Answer before the Question,
without even trimming?  Is your newsreader broken, or haven't you ever
bothered to read news.announce.newusers to learn how to use Usenet?

Followups to /dev/null.

The very fact that it's possible to write messy programs in Perl is also
what makes it possible to write programs that are cleaner in Perl than
they could ever be in a language that attempts to enforce cleanliness.
        --Larry Wall

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