Compound Assignment Operators ( +=, *=, etc...)

Andrew Clover esuzm at
Sun Aug 15 23:56:18 CEST 1999

Tom Christiansen (tchrist at wrote:

> Common rebuttals [to += and co.] include:

>     3) It's more efficient to keep a tmpobj anyway.

Bah. Temporary variables are evil!

>     4) Redundancy can clarify through redundancy.

Wossat? Sounds like rot to me. :-)

> As to why there's no x++ there, consider how often people from a
> Pascal(ish) background are confused between x+1 and x++ and ++x, and
> you'll begin to see what kind of problems caused it to be vetoed.

This is a good point, but stems from C's tendency to return values all
the time from things I think it shouldn't. :-)

I'd like a syntax like:


With the idea that x is an object (of type int) with a '+' method that
adds stuff to it. It'd be nicer without the brackets though.

:opens the language can of worms again

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