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Fred L. Drake, Jr. fdrake at
Thu Aug 19 15:24:15 EDT 1999

Barry A. Warsaw writes:
 > give poor overworked Fred the most bang for the buck.  Info format
 > used to be supported, but I don't think that was used by enough people

  Bucks?  I'm supposed to be getting bucks for this?
  Check the FTP site, Barry; GNU info is there thanks to the active
Python community.

 > to justify the work involved in keeping it going.  Manpage format just
 > doesn't seem to be that popular either.  I know that sucks for you

  Manpages have never been requested, unless you consider Tom's
complaint a request.  I've received nothing at
python-docs at  Certainly not a contributed conversion

 > Tom, but I'm sure Fred would gladly take a contribution that generated
 > manpage format from the latex source.  You might even be surprised at
 > the languages he'd accept such a contribution in! :)

  Hey, you're making me look bad!  ;-)


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