Anyone else find Tk akward?

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> Christopher Browne wrote:
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> > The Tk model of packing "objects" onto a "canvas" allows it to
> > self-optimize, and lets the programmer not need to worry so much about
> > those sorts of fiddly details.
> This is good, except that if you just pack things
> together in the simplest and most obvious way, the
> results are awful -- everything is jammed together,
> and nothing resizes the way you want. To get a layout
> which looks good and works properly, you need to deal
> with another set of fiddly details, namely the various
> padding, filling and expanding options, which (for
> me, anyway) seem to work in very unintuitive ways.
> The idea of an automatic layout manager is as good
> one, but I don't think that any of Tk's geometry
> managers are a good implementation of it. I'm not
> surprised that some people find them frustrating.

I'm currently in the middle of (or to be more accurate, near the
start of), writing a system that will hopefully allieviate this
probelm -- it's a GUI design language with multiple back ends,
one of which will be Python/tkinter.

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