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Benjamin Kowarsch nospam-orawnzva at xntv.pbz
Mon Aug 2 11:38:11 CEST 1999

StuffIt is the dominating archiving utility. The installer you got there
is a StuffIt archive, therefore you need to have StuffIt on your Mac, to
expand the archive. Stuffit comes in three flavors: StuffIt Deluxe
(commercial product), Stuffit Lite (shareware) and StuffIt Expander
(shareware/freeware - extractor only). You can donload SuffIt from major
download sites of directly from its producers: Aladdin Systems at

In article <37A2A5A9.48D17D9 at>, amosg at wrote:

> I'm having a problem with the Mac install.  I downloaded the file Python
> 151.sit which expanded to 'Python 1.5.1 Installer'.  When I try to run
> the installer file,  it attempts to run Stuffit.  I did a 'get info' on
> the installer and see that it's kind is 'Stuffit document'.  Seems a
> little weird to me.  Any ideas anyone?  Any help is appreciated.
> Amos

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