Python Test Executive

Michael P. Reilly arcege at
Tue Aug 31 17:41:17 EDT 1999

winkjj at wrote:
: I am in the process of using Python as our scripting language for a
: test automation environment.  I have been looking for some sort of test
: executive or test management solution that could help me manage and
: execute many scripts.  While there is lots of software out there that
: can do this, I have not found any that interface to python, or would
: interface a cleanly as I would prefer.  Python has so many features
: that are really beneficial for this type of application, but I have not
: been able to find a tool that would allow me to take advantage of these
: features.

: Has anyone done some work in this area?  I have lots of ideas on how a
: Python based test executive could be implemented, but unfortunately, I
: am stuggling with the build yourself vs. buy off the shelf trade offs
: and really don't have the time to invest in building the tooling from
: the ground up.

: I have also looked at TETWare, which is free on Linux, but $10K for
: WinNT.  Unfortunately, I cannot deploy on Linux (just yet, but I keep
: hoping...), and we must run under Win32.  And once I spend the $10K, I
: still have to build a Python binding, because I have not found one
: yet.  And once thats done, there really isn't a nice GUI interface to
: TET anyways.  So it kind of seems like a waste of 10K.

: Any ideas?

I wrote a Python-based testing program a while back, you might want to
look at that:

This is part of my ExpectPy package, if you wish to see the whole test
subsystem (  Except where
it is hardcoded to import ExpectPy, it should be pretty platform-


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