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Mon Aug 9 13:50:13 EDT 1999

On 9 Aug 1999 09:13:30 GMT, m.faassen at (Martijn Faassen)

>phil <phil at> wrote:
>[snip discussion of licenses, GPL, etc]
>> I can't forbid commercial use. This was why i chose Python. I have no
>> idea if people can or will  make money on my interface. If Python
>> imposes commercial limitations then i'll have to drop it, pissed-ly,
>> since i spent quite a bit of time writing an extension, but that's the
>> way it goes.
>I'm confused. Perhaps you're under the impression Python is distributed
>under the GPL? It's not; it's distributed under its own license which
>(read it) basically allows you to do anything you like with it, commercial
>or not.
<snip very interesting licence discussion>

Thanks. I was confused.  I'd read the Python licence and it was
completely open. The 'GPL' threw me and i was concerned that things
were a-changing.

Less confused-ly  yours,


>License-pundit-for-5-minutes-ly yours,

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