Why do we call python a scripting language?

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Mon Aug 30 06:27:40 CEST 1999

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> On 27 Aug 1999 12:59:18 GMT, fredp at multimania.com.nospam (Fred
> Pacquier) wrote:
> But what I find most interesting is that I havent seen much evidence
> that any one uses it.  Is any one using freeze or some derivative or
> work alike?  Most things I find are written for users of python, and
> are just distributed as source.

  Well I am going to be writing a game that uses python embedded in an 
executable, it'll just launch a python script and use that as the main 
program, the low-level stuff will be done in C/C++/asm. The actual script 
will be hidden from the user and the python interpreter will be 
statically linked to the .exe.
  The main annoyance is that the python code is so large, too much crap 
is in the main .dll (erm, speaking of the windows version) that won't get 
used in my game, from about 500k, I reckon I should be able to get it 
down to 200k at least, with packing 100..

  - Factory

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