Upper limit?!

David Oppenheimer davidopp at megsinet.net
Mon Aug 30 04:20:14 EDT 1999

Fredrik Lundh said:

"on a 32-bit platform.  try using
use long integers instead, and compare the
result with the sys.maxint value:

>>> 2L**31
>>> import sys
>>> sys.maxint

if you upgrade to an alpha, you'll get:

>>> 2**31
>>> import sys
>>> sys.maxint

Wow, that's quite a difference! on an Alpha you can have a 19 digit number
as opposed to a 10 digit number on my Pentium.  So the limit isn't actually
a factor of the programming language but a virtue (or limitation) of my
processor.  I wonder if Intel knows about this?!   LOL  Makes me want to
sell this hunk of crap Packard Hell P-75, get rid of Win98 and buy an Alpha
running Linux.   That PSN number thing scares the hell outta me any ways,
I'm either going AMD or Alpha next go around.

David O.

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