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Tim Peters tim_one at
Sun Aug 22 04:47:02 CEST 1999

[Jeff Bauer]
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Jeff, that URL didn't work for me.  This one did:

I think the server is case-sensitive.

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> The Python distribution also includes a date class, which would
> have saved me time, had I bothered to check.
>  Demo/classes/

As the author of, let me recommend Jeff's
was written as a test drive of then-new operator overloading facilities, not
as a real date class (that's why it's under the Demo tree).  Jeff's has more
features and is more practical, but is also very small and isn't bogged down
with esoterica either.  OTOH, his does have a Y10K problem, while mine works
until the year gets so big it won't fit in an unbounded Python long, and
even then you'll get a butt-saving MemoryError <wink>.'re-immortal-ly y'rs  - tim

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