Jeff Bauer jbauer at rubic.com
Wed Aug 18 21:47:02 EDT 1999

> Am I the only Python enthusiast that has a problem 
> with the term "PIGgies"?

The age of high brow Seriousness is over.  We find
cow sculptures invading Chicago -- even on the ledge 
of the opera house.

Computer languages used to have meaningful, formidable 
names in UPPERCASE:  FORTRAN, ALGOL, PL/I.  Now we
have Python -- named after practitioners of the most
irreverent form of satire since Lenny Bruce.

The age of low brow Whimsicality is upon us.  I see
signs and portends in the distance.

PIGgies take their sense of humor seriously.  Don't mess 
with them unless you want a pie in your face.  ;-)

-Jeff Bauer

P.S. Vote "Silly Party"!

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