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Sun Aug 22 14:50:15 CEST 1999

On Sat, Aug 21, 1999 at 10:05:07PM +0000, Phil Hunt wrote:

> The idea that a company would employ someone, who can't really code,
> as a sysadmin is IMO frightening. Unless they don't care whether
> their computer system works, of course.

Yeah, it's frightening, but it happens. Anyone remember the dilbert 'series'
about COBOL ? Pointy-haired-boss sees Bob the Dino, says "Say, aren't you a
COBOL programmer?", Bob replies "No, but i've been told i look like one",
"You're hired".

This currently accurately depicts the (dutch at least) job market for
'people who do something or other with computers.' A g-d(--)less amount of
companies want to join the Hype-err, internet, but have no clue how. They
can employ a company to do it properly, or they can attract a real system
administrator to work part- or full time, or they can hire someone who they
saw had a weird flashy homepage and offered to build likewise for money. The
last option is often the cheapest, even if the homepage ends up below par
and the guy has to learn everything from scratch during workhours. The same
goes for things like network setups, mailservers, etc, for small offices and
the like.

But you're right, they dont really care wether their computer systems work.
Often they wouldn't be able to tell the difference ;)

Two-years-of-ISP-helpdesk-and-sales-experience-does-it-show'ly y'rs, Thomas

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