An idea - request for comments

Felix Puetsch puetsch at
Wed Aug 4 10:53:20 CEST 1999

kas at (Klaus Alexander Seistrup) wrote in
<slrn7qec6g.oet.kas at>: 

>Felix Puetsch wrote:
>>> <BODY>
>>> {
>>>   print n*3
>>> }
>>> </BODY>
>> How would you make a web page display this message, e.g.? I think
>> you should at least define environments for Python code. ('<!--'
>> etc.) 
>I think that's what Ian tried to imply with the {} pair
Still rests the question how to print {...} on a web page.

>I didn't
>perceive his article as an implementaion, rather as an idea to be
>elaborated on. 
Okay, you're right.

Felix Pütsch

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