Python GUI

Kevin Dahlhausen morse at
Fri Aug 6 14:04:34 CEST 1999

There is a TK/TCL builder called 'SpecTCL.' that has a Python module called
"SpecPython."  I don't have the URL though.   It works very well, if you like

Under linux, there is a wrapper for fltk that translates the data files from the
FLTK gui builder to Python.  This one is very much a work in progress though.
It should also work under Windows, but that is still theory at this point.

Another option is to use a C++ lib that has a gui builder, and place selected
callback functions into a Python extension  module.  I tried this once for an
earlier version of FLTK.  It worked, and did allow lots of control over the gui.
but there was a lot of programmer overhead in creating and tracking the callback

Randall Hopper <aa8vb at> wrote:
> |Is there a Python GUI builder out there anywhere?

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