Tkinter newbie question

Clarence Gardner clarence at
Wed Aug 11 18:52:24 CEST 1999

So I've written my first GUI Python program (everything else I've done
for three years was CGI or automated stuff).  Very vanilla so far.  I'm
looking to do a little more, so I look at the Tk docs.  The question is,
how do you get from Tk to Tkinter.  For example, I want to place my top-
level window.  I see Tk_MoveToplevelWindow(), but I don't see how to
use it from Python.  Or maybe I can't.  (Hard to believe, but since I
see no call to it from _tkinter.c ???)

So, is there a general way to know what to do after you've found a Tk
function that you want to call?


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