Problem with sources - socketmodule.c

Laurent POINTAL pointal at
Fri Aug 27 04:07:20 EDT 1999


I tried to recompile Python 1.5.2 on my home Linux box.
After a ./configure --with-threads, I tried a make... which fail on
the socketmodule.c.

Looking after the error, it was a problem of the number of arguments
for gethost_by_name_r (and for gethotstbyaddr_r). 
The ./configure has correctly tested my headers, found a 5 arguments
gethost_by_name_r, and defined HAVE_GETHOSTBYNAME_R5_ARG.

But in the socketmodule.c, the source begin by undefining the
preprocessor symbols HAVE_GETHOSTBYNAME_* set by ./configure, and set
them depending on the platform... and for linux it automatically set
it to HAVE_GETHOSTBYNAME_R6_ARG. Which is false on the Slackware4

Currently, I have put a #if !defined(linux) / #endif around the
socketmodule.c code which modify HAVE_GETHOSTBYNAME_* and all works

Where can I address that so the original source be modified to NOT
undefine the ./configure symbols in the case of a linux platform (I
dont know if other Unixes platform use ./configure too).




Linux 2.2.6
egcs 2.91.66
netdb.h v1.4 1995/08/14

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