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> >This is tcl/tk. Almost no difference. A bit more verbose, but there are
> >numerous ways to shorten code, which I haven't used intentionally until
> >I got tired and used a loop to produce four radiobuttons.
> >
> I agree that you're not saving yourself a lot of typing if you're only
> going to do a Tk implementation of your GUI, or only a GTK
> implementation, etc. But the point of this guy's "Parrot" is that you
> can plug in different back-ends to generate, e.g. Tcl scripts or HTML
> forms or C/GTK code or whatever.
> I *personally* don't have a need to generate different implementations
> of my GUIs in this way; but if I did I could see this tool being
> useful.

The Parrot tool has other potential advantages, e.g: 

1. you only have to learn one syntax, that can then be used for
lots of languages and GUI libraries.

2. assuming the right import and export tools have been written,
Parrot can allow you to use one GUI builder to output to a different
GUI, for example you could design your GUI in Glade, and use Parrot
to output it as a series of C++ files for KDE/Qt.

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