Kudos to documentors: (popen2)

Fred L. Drake, Jr. fdrake at acm.org
Thu Aug 19 13:10:44 EDT 1999

Robb Shecter writes:
 > That's what I was trying to say!  I think that my writing was not too
 > clear - I was trying to say that the Java and Python doc systems
 > should be used as examples for other languages.


 > 3) I needed to know how to work with the return values.  The page says
 > "Returns (child_stdout, child_stdin)".  I got stuck here.  Without the
 > type, I didnt know how to read/write to them.  What I eventually did

  I've modified the documentation source to mention that they are
"file objects," which should be good enough for most regular Python
users.  Hyperlinking to the description of file objects will have to
come later (not impossible, but may require markup extension, which
I'd like to avoid at the moment for a variety of reasons).

 > It would have been great if their return types were listed, along with
 > hyperlinks to the appropriate docs.  But that wouldn't come for free
 > in a dynamically typed language, I guess.

  This depends on what you mean by "type"; in Python, it's reasonable
to call an interface (set of method signatures) a type.  No, it would
not be free.  I'd be more concerned about overpowering the user with
hyperlinks; if every reference to file-link objects was a hyperlink to 
the description of file-like objects, there'd be a lot of colorful
text in those documents!


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