carpe linguam

Ian Clarke I.Clarke at
Mon Aug 23 11:37:43 CEST 1999

> I suggest to treat the "bigger" guys in the computer community
> with more respect...

And how do you define the "bigger" guy?  Because they write a book? 
Plenty of stupid people have written books.  Because they know alot
about Perl?  I know alot about distributed networking and Java, I don't
expect people to forgive me when I am rude or say stupid things because
of that.

I agree that T.C is a smart guy, but he lost my respect the day he
bombarded me with emails and then kilfiled my email address (despite my
responses being surprisingly polite given the circumstances).  If you
think that is bad what about the guy he has set up an automatic spam to
because he doesn't like his posting style.  I must say it was pretty
pathetic the way some C.L.P.M people tried to defend his actions because
they thought he was a "bigger guy".


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