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Darrell news at
Thu Aug 26 00:20:56 EDT 1999

Open a dos window.
>From the prompt, assuming that python.exe is in your path, type python.

Unless you install the windows specific version.

Little things like this can trip you up. Still remember how long it took me
to figure out that 'C' is case sensitive.

<henry299 at> wrote in message news:7q2brn$u7h$1 at
> Hi, i'm new at this. I just downloaded version
> 1.5.2 for windows 95. When i double click on a
> program in the windows explorer, (
> which is  print "This is some example text") an
> MS-DOS window opens and the text is displayed,
> but the window closes by itself in less than a
> second. Am i doing something wrong, and is there
> a way to keep the popup window open? Any help
> would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Matt
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