Lyle Johnson jlj at
Tue Aug 24 09:59:26 EDT 1999

>This is tcl/tk. Almost no difference. A bit more verbose, but there are
>numerous ways to shorten code, which I haven't used intentionally until
>I got tired and used a loop to produce four radiobuttons.

I agree that you're not saving yourself a lot of typing if you're only
going to do a Tk implementation of your GUI, or only a GTK
implementation, etc. But the point of this guy's "Parrot" is that you
can plug in different back-ends to generate, e.g. Tcl scripts or HTML
forms or C/GTK code or whatever.

I *personally* don't have a need to generate different implementations
of my GUIs in this way; but if I did I could see this tool being

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