How to link statically with python15.lib....

Paul Duffin pduffin at
Fri Aug 6 11:42:17 CEST 1999

Egeland wrote:
> Hello. Could someone please tell me how to link statically to python15.lib
> using MSVC6.0 Prof. Edit. ?
> I want to do this in order to avoid messing with *.dll's that may reside on
> the installation platform. I'm not
> really into install shield or anything ; just wanted to do it the easy way
> (if there is one). Guess I'll have to
> link to tcl80.lib and tk80.lib as well..?

If you rebuild Python as a static library embedded in an application
you will not be able to dynamically load any C extensions because Python
relies on backlinking which is not supported on Windows, nor can it be
emulated on Windows as it is on the various Unixes (AIX is what I know)
which don't support it "properly".

Tcl and Tk on the other hand can be statically linked into an 
application and still dynamically load C extensions because it uses
its 'own' linking mechanism.

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