pehr anderson pehr at
Thu Aug 5 23:24:17 EDT 1999

Dear Fredrik,
I am doing some python UI work
and am in *desparate* need of a good reference
on python/tkinter. Would it be possible for me
to gain access to a preprint of what you have
finished so far on your book?

I already have a copy on order with fatbrain,
but as usually, all projects must be done in "internet" time.

I work at E Ink corporation, developing a new kind of
electronic display, and of course I use python wherever
possible in building UI and utilities for entering in information
to be displayed in our signs.

I'd be willing to send you my feedback, and I'd be eternally greatful.

    Thank in advance,
    pehr anderson '96
    MIT '97 '98 '99

Fredrik Lundh wrote:

> Thomas S. Strinnhed <thstr at> wrote:
> > I heard there was a webserver in one line of Perl,
> > does Python match that (or two or three...)?
> how about:
>     from asyncHTTPServer import *; HTTPServer(80, FileSource("/web")); mainloop()
> (one line, three statements)
> writing the asyncHTTPServer module is left as an exercise
> (or you can wait for my Python/Tkinter book...)
> </F>

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