Why do we call python a scripting language?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Fri Aug 27 12:37:22 CEST 1999

<guy_oliver at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Why do we call python a scripting language?  

who's calling it that? ;-)


    Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-
    oriented programming language.

which is, of course, exactly what it is.

> This is not the case, is it?  I am not the only one that has used
> python for large projects, am I?

depends on how you define "large project".  if you
mean multiple programmers, 10-20k lines of Python
code (or more), most of what I do is large.

> Since learning python, I have been able to write most of these
> programs that I never had the time to finish before in a single
> sitting.  Surely that makes python worthy of being thought of as a
> real, viable solution to just about any problem you choose?


despite what some people are saying, Python means
true freedom.

(if your only freedom is the ability to write obscure code
when solving trivial tasks, you have other problems...)


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