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Sat Aug 14 03:58:54 CEST 1999

On Fri, 13 Aug 1999 18:55:11 GMT, Shicheng <S.Tian at> declaimed
the following in comp.lang.python:

> Under unix platforms, using, for example,
> sendmail_cmd = "/usr/lib/sendmail -oi "
> to access the SMTP sendmail utility.
> Our enquery is: under Windows NT/95/98 platforms,
> how to access the "sendmail" utility from within
> python code?
	I don't think there is a "sendmail" utility.

	This being M$, I expect the answer is that you are supposed to
use OLE/COM/Automation features to submit the message via MAPI to
Outlook, and Outlook will then be responsible for further processing.

	I do not use Outlook for email, so such a solution would not
function for me. My SPAM bounce filter (manually invoked from EudoraPro)
builds fully formed bounce messages, and uses the following two lines to
submit the messages back to Eudora. Eudora does have MAPI capabilities
but I don't use those either.

	EudoraPath = "F:\Eudora\Eudora.exe"
<intervening snipped>
	os.system(EudoraPath + " " + sys.argv[1] + ".msg")

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