Python tkinter with Tcl/Tk 8.1?

Robin Becker robin at
Thu Aug 12 11:50:23 CEST 1999

In article <37B265D2.8A5C962A at>, Orlando Vazquez
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>foo wrote:
>> I could not find any documentation on this in the FAQ or the tkinter pages,
>> so I am asking here. I have had to move to Tcl/Tk 8.1 for another software
>> package I am using on my computer. I have rebuilt Python 1.5.2 after getting
>> the new Tcl/Tk installed and (no great surprise) tkinter does not seem to
>> work (I can successfully import Tkinter from the python command line, but
>> attempting to run Tkinter._test() crashes python due to access violations
>> (reading wild pointers).
>> Is it possible to build the tkinter module successfully with Tcl/Tk 8.1?
>> Thanks,
>> Jonathan
>Thats interesting. I've also had problems with tcl/tk 8.1. trying to
>any tcl/tk apps results in errors. for example:
>scratchy:/usr/local/src/Python-1.5.2/Demo/tkinter/guido$ python
>Traceback (innermost last):
>  File "", line 17, in ?
>    main()
>  File "", line 7, in main
>    root = Tk()
>  File "/usr/local/lib/python1.5/lib-tk/", line 886, in
> = _tkinter.create(screenName, baseName, className)
>TclError: Can't find a usable init.tcl in the following directories: 
>This probably means that Tcl wasn't installed properly.
>I'm not an X person, most of the time I'm in the console, but i'm the
>of guy that likes to have everything working even if i dont need it. :-)
>anyone know that the heck is going on?
8.1 is very different internally from 8.0.5. Its has unicode support and
something called a stubs linker for extensions so maybe the tkinter
connection is a bit broken. Does wish8.0 work? 
Robin Becker

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