Grid (possible scrollable) in Tkinter?

Doug Hellmann doughellmann at
Tue Aug 31 08:31:28 EDT 1999

Per Kistler wrote:
> > I'm looking for something like a grid in Tkinter... actually I do not want to
> > borrow one from existing libraries, but build one myself from Tkinter pieces,
> > if possible. Is this a reasonable thought? :) Would I be able to make the grid
> > scrollable (easily)?
> Gridding is already there. If a grid complex should scroll, one
> might put it into a window embeded in a canvas.

Take a look at the Pmw ScrolledFrame class.  You can pack or grid
widgets inside it, and it scrolls them.

> I agree that for oneself, one needs to build a lot of convienent
> classes, which do, what one for oneself expects them to do,
> like all the scroll variations and toplevel things, but also
> for non graphic things.

Pmw has lots of other widgets, too.  Look at and


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