gcc optimization breaks NumPy?

John Fisher jfisher at are.berkeley.edu
Wed Aug 25 01:24:26 CEST 1999

In article <slrn7s3e59.8pd.kaz at ashi.FootPrints.net>,
  kaz at ashi.FootPrints.net (Kaz Kylheku) wrote:

> >  int dummy[0];
> Ouch. This is an ANSI C constraint violation that requires a diagnostic. ANSI C
> does not support zero size arrays. This code is brain-damaged.

Eep.  Indeed.  Unintentionally so, and I'm rather embarrassed that I
skimmed over the code without noticing it.  That was, of course, the
problem; declaring dummy as a length 1 array works fine.  Thanks for the
quick reply.


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