CORBA IDL type objects serialization problems

Bill Janssen janssen at
Thu Aug 5 13:33:59 EDT 1999

Excerpts from ext.python: 5-Aug-99 CORBA IDL type objects seri.. "D.
Lopez-De-Ipina"@eng. (1436*)

> I am trying to store CORBA IDL type objects in a Python shelve. I am
> using Fnorb ORB. I managed to serialize CORBA.string type values but
> when I try with other simple built-in types such as short, the program
> crashes.

Huh!  I do this all the time with ILU; I don't know why it wouldn't work
with Fnorb.  Note that to get shelve to work properly with object types,
you will need to define __getstate__ and __setstate__ methods on them
(see the Python pickle documentation for more information).


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