Small question about Python executeable(sp?) files

Alex Maranda amaranda at
Wed Aug 25 09:34:29 EDT 1999

Syniq wrote:
> I know that
> #! /something/blah/whatever/python
> as the first line in your code will make your "program" an
> executeable(sp?), but this assumes that your user has python installed
> in /something/blah/whatever/python.
> What I'm wondering: Is there a way to make the script execute regardless
> of the location 
this one is easy:
#!/usr/bin/env python
provided that python is in the users's path.

(or even existence) of python on the user's machine
> (basically, compile it into something sort of resembling ye old .EXE
> file)?
Aye, harder though. This is freeze you're talking about. Look in the
Tools directory of the python source. See also my prev post on how to do
it on Windoze.

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