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> >I'm converting to python from perl and just created my first python
> >program, it's actually a rewrite of a perl program that I had.
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> It would help if you explained what your script is *intended* to do.
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Hmm, sorry.  Well, basically it copies a file from the local machine to
numerous remote machines, basically I use it occassionally for script
distribution, but more than anything, I did it just to learn the
language.  There are a few "preset" values (i.e. SUN, AIX), used like so

$ -p OTHER /this/dir/and/file /other/dir
Enter hosts: foo bar
Sending /this/dir/and/file to foo /other/dir
Sending /this/dir/and/file to bar /other/dir

The Unix way
$ for host in foo bar:
> do
> rcp $file ${host}:${dir}
> done

As you can see, a dumb program, but again...just using it to learn.

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