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Christopher Browne cbbrowne at news.hex.net
Tue Aug 10 21:59:55 EDT 1999

On Tue, 10 Aug 1999 03:09:25 GMT, Les Schaffer <godzilla at netmeg.net>
>Chris Browne wrote: 
>> I've got some material at the URL below ... [snip]
>> Rather than being Python-centric, it's somewhat Linux-centric.
>thanks. i'll take a look through what you have. 
>not sure my friend is so much interested in linux vs. NT/9X. but he
>may be interested in an alternative approach to the database solution,
>and if that takes him away from Windows, "so be it".

A fair bit of the material speaks to concepts rather than being
forcibly wedded to an OS, so it may have a bit of fruit for thought.

>> By the way, the term "integrable" is often used by mathematicians, but
>> almost never by "systems integrators."
>whats a "systems integrator"? i've never met one so i dont know how
>they talk.

Systems engineers, systems integrators, often at consulting firms,
that do the job of connecting bits of computer systems together and
making 'em work.

A "programmer" would not generally be considered such.

Someone doing "systems integration" would install a server, a
database, and connect in things like modems, printing services, fax
services, document scanning, [ad infinitum], with the critical point
that these services are being *automated.*

Simply installing WinFax Pro would not qualify; there would need to be
some deeper integration of (say) faxing software with other software
that generates faxes.

>is integratable a word?

Yes; used fairly commonly in the study of calculus.
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