But Sir, It's Wafer Thin!!!

David Oppenheimer davidopp at megsinet.net
Mon Aug 30 01:18:23 EDT 1999

I only have a small question.  In fact you might say its wafer thin.

Q: What path declarations do I need to place into my autoexec.bat file
so that my computer will be able to run Python Scripts?

For some reason I am able to run at the interactive window in Pythonwin
but can't run any file that is a python script...I tried to run an
example that comes with the distribution called painter.py and the error
I get is this "WHOOPS!  I can't find a Tcl/Tk 8.0 installation
anywhere.  Please make sure that Tcl.Tk 8.0 is installed and that the
PATH environment variable is set to include the Tcl/bin directory
(or wherever TK80.DLL and TCL80.DLL are installed)."  The debugger tells
me this "Import Error: DLL load failed: One of the library files needed
to run this application cannot be found."    I used the find command to
locate both of these dll's and they are here C:\TclPlug\2.0\bin

I didn't do anything weird when installing Python on my Win98 machine.
Chose the 1.5.2 install downloaded and installed it (I am under the
understanding that this includes all needed Tcl software for Tkinter).
I also installed the additional 3MB win32 all.
Python and Pythonwin are located here C:\Program Files\Python\Pythonwin

Do I need just one path declaration or multiple path declarations and
how would they look?  My only other experience with this kind of stuff
was with setting up a pathway for a compiler and it was well documented
that my path declaration for the Mingw32 compiler should look just like
this....   PATH=c:\mingw32\bin;

Please help...I need to get over this little bump in the road and then I
will be on my way to complete mastery of this language...lol  Just a
little help...wafer thin...just point me in the right direction...tell
me I failed to adequately search the docs...anything...except don't send
the Spanish Inquisition.

David O.
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