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Thu Aug 19 18:09:57 CEST 1999

bwarsaw at python.org wrote:
: As for the term PIGgies, I always called it a "PUG" until I heard
: about BayPIGgies started.  I don't know what a PUG is (other than a
: pugnose)

There is a kind of dog called a pug. It looks like a bulldog.

: and a PIG has this connotation of being swallowed whole by
: the Python.

Everybody seems to have this pig-hating fantasy of seeing the pig
eaten by the python. Aren't pigs supposed to be cute and smart and
friendly? "Babe, Pig in the City" and all that? And aren't ham and
bacon punishment enough? Maybe pigs need their own interest group
as self defense.

Anybody interested in a Boston-area PIGgy? I know a few other Python
enthusiasts around here.

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